Bridesmaids Throw Friend An Amazing ‘The Office’ Themed Bridal Shower

Planning a wedding can be super stressful and tedious, which is why every bride looks forward to their bridal shower. Having an entire party dedicated to celebrating you without having to plan it? Heaven on Earth! The best part of a bridal shower is seeing how thoughtful your friends and family truly are. Recently, bride-to-be Kayleigh Kill shared photos and a video from her own baby shower that had a very special theme.

In a photo album on Facebook, Kayleigh told followers that her bridesmaids threw her a The Office-themed bridal shower and they went above and beyond. Not only did her friends bring every prop imaginable, but they also decorated the tables with actual beets! All around the room, the decorations screamed “Dunder Mifflin.”


Kayleigh told Bored Panda that her bridal party is comprised of a super close-knit group of her friends.

I have one matron of honor and 6 bridesmaids. It’s cool because it’s literally our actual friend group, so everything has been super fun and amazing.

They clearly seem to know Kayleigh pretty well, as The Office is her favorite TV show. She said:

I love my friends so much and would do anything I could to make them happy. I don’t really ever expect anything like this in return, so seeing what they pulled off to make my bridal shower so special and amazing and ‘me’… it’s just unreal. I’m so grateful that they’re in my life.

She was super surprised when the photos picked up so much traction on Facebook—getting over 55,000 shares on the social media site. Kayleigh said her friends were shocked.

We’re just eight friends who really love the office and literally talk about it and use Memes and quotes daily in our lives, and this shower was a literal representation of our favorite things.

Kayleigh, who makes YouTube videos frequently, shared an adorable video of her shower, too.

Honestly, this shower is amazing. I almost wish that I was getting married so that I could force my friends and family to plan me one, too!

h/t: BoredPanda