Everyone Can Relate To This Woman’s Viral Facebook Post About Living With Depression

Living with depression can be an everyday struggle. For many, getting out of bed can be a challenge when their depression is at its worst. It can be incredibly hard to find a way to motivate them and get them to feel better—because, as many know, depression comes in waves and not all treatments work for everyone.

What does make many people feel better is knowing that they are not alone. When they hear that others go through the same things that they do on a daily basis, they feel as though they have an ally who understands them on a deep level. One Facebook user shared her own experience struggling with depression and thousands of people online have been grateful for her honesty.

Katelyn Marie Lesho shared how important the small victories are when you depression. She wrote:

I brushed my hair today. For the first time in 4 weeks. It was matted and twisted together. It snapped and tore with every stroke. I cried while I washed and conditioned it, because I forgot how it felt to run my fingers through it. I brushed my teeth, too, for the first time in a week. My gums bled. My water ran red. I cried over that, as well. When I got out of the shower, I couldn’t stop sniffing my hair and arms. I’ve avoided hugging people for a while, because I never smell good. I always smell like I’ve been on bedrest for a week. I have no clean clothes, because I’m too tired and sad to wash them. 

Depression isn’t beautiful. Depression is bad hygiene, dirty dishes, and a sore body from sleeping too much. Depression is having 3 friends that are only still around because they have the patience and love of a saint. Depression is crying until there’s no more tears, just dry heaving and sobbing until you’re gasping for your next breath. Depression is staring at the ceiling until your eyes burn because you forget to blink. Depression is making your family cry because they think you don’t love them anymore when you’re distant and distracted. Depression is somatic as well as emotional, an emptiness you can physically feel.
Please be easy on your friends and family that have trouble getting up the energy to clean, hang out, or take care of themselves. And please, please take them seriously if they talk to you about it. We’re trying. I swear we’re trying. See? I brushed my hair today.

I brushed my hair today. For the first time in 4 weeks. It was matted and twisted together. It snapped and tore with...

Posted by Katelyn Marie Lesho on Saturday, May 6, 2017

The post was shared over 400,000 times on Facebook and over 30,000 people commented on it to say how much they appreciated her honesty and rawness about her depression.

It’s always nice to know that at our worst, we are not alone.