Grandpa Tries To Clean Granddaughter’s Doll, Ends Up Scarring Us All For Life

Every parent knows what it’s like to have their child be completely in love with one toy. That toy never leaves their side. It goes to bed with them, it goes in the car with them—hell, it goes through the dirt and the mud with them. Every parent also knows that trying to clean that toy can be a total pain in the a**. Sometimes, we try our best to make the toy look untouched and unmoved, but we truly do need to clean the nasty, filthy, disgusting toys that our kids drag through dirt, grime, and bacteria.

What happens though when you completely mess up your child’s favorite toy by trying to clean it? All hell probably breaks loose. Like, this one grandpa who made the ultimate error when he tried to wash his granddaughter’s doll with white spirit and completely rubbed off her facial features. We have a feeling his granddaughter was not happy. All I know is this doll is going to totally scar me for life.

Twitter user @TashP351 shared the before and after photos that her father went through. He basically cleaned off the doll’s eyes, eyebrows, and lipstick (as well as her blush) and decided he would cut out eyes from a magazine and just…replace the originals. The outcome is something that will probably enter all of your nightmares.

Clearly, this grandpa was trying to make light of a bad situation. But, overall, he totally made the doll look like something out of a horror flick. I can’t stop looking, but I have to stop looking or this face will appear in all of my nightmares.

People on Twitter were convinced this was the work of the devil.

It’s safe to say you should be totally careful when washing your children’s toys—or, you could haunt them forever!