High School Teen’s Text To Her Mom After Being Bullied Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

High school can be a very stressful time for teenagers—especially today. With social media and social networks constantly in their faces, it’s easy for them to feel inadequate and not good enough. For girls, trying to be that “perfect size” is always on their mind—and it’s even harder when young girls are posing in revealing outfits all over Instagram.

To add to this pressure, kids today can be incredibly cruel if you don’t meet their standards. One high school student felt the backlash of this when she decided to attend school one day wearing a dress. Bailey, a senior in high school, ended up finding out the hard way that kids and social media can lead to some pretty messed up bullying.

Bailey was casually walking in the hallway of her school when someone decided to take a picture of her exposed legs and post it to their Snapchat account. Before long, many other students in the school had seen the photo. It got back to Bailey and obviously, she felt humiliated.


Immediately, Bailey texted her mom asking her if she would bring her a change of clothes. Luckily, her mom was around and incredibly understanding. She was there in 10 minutes with a brand new outfit for her daughter. And, while she shouldn’t have to even do this in the first place, it’s sweet to see her mother was there for her the moment she needed her the most.


Many people online were heartbroken to see that bullying like this goes on today. It’s unfortunate that social media is used so easily to bring other people down. Many on Twitter began sharing their true feelings about the situation—saying they think what Bailey went through was completely messed up. Others shared that the mother is a true hero for being there when her daughter needed her the most.