Men Reveal The Life Skills They Completely Screwed Up Before Getting Married

Marriage changes a lot of people—some for the better, some…not so much. While not all marriages are successful, one thing is for damn sure: they teach men a lot of necessary life skills they were completely screwing up before they met their wife. Think about it—how many of your husbands were doing their laundry wrong, filling the dishwasher improperly, or even folding their sheets incorrectly. Marriage may not be for everyone, but it definitely teaches people some valuable life lessons.

Recently, an AskReddit thread geared towards men went viral, asking men: “what is something you found out you do “wrong” once you got married?” The responses were outstanding—from everyday chores to some pretty big f*ck ups. Thank god for us wives, am I right, ladies?!?


well, after 18 years we’ve reached stalemate in the proper way to dispense toothpaste from it’s tube.



Apparently having a clean clothes pile and dirty clothes pile is unacceptable.



Apparently the way I make lasagna is an abomination. Guess it could be worse.



Always conditioned, then washed my hair, because the shampoo smelt better than the conditioner… took a shower with my wife early in our relationship, and she was like, “You’re kidding, right?”



Apparently I fold tshirts entirely wrong, and my wife will go back into my drawer after I’ve folded them and put them away and pull them back out and refold them.

I’ve been doing the fold-and-roll since basic training. Apparently that drives her crazy.

Whatever. I let her fold my clothing and I just put everything away. Gives us an excuse to do chores together.



In what order I was in the shower. I always washed my body first and then hair.

Wife comes along and is like “do your hair first so all the filth doesnt run over your clean body.” and I realized I never thought about it as much as she did.



It’s wrong to tie your shoes once loosely and then treat them like slip-ons the rest of their life.



I grew up on a mountain, we had 100 acres. When we had old food or unwanted leftovers, we just threw them over the fence into the woods. I’d always thrown food outside ever since. It wasn’t until my gf (now wife) came home one day to our main level condo and saw our front bushes covered in spaghetti that I quickly learned that this was unacceptable. I honestly had never thought about it before, but i’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy. I no longer throw spaghetti in my bushes.



Dishes. First there is the scrubby sponge with soap and then the soft sponge with no soap. Who knew?



It never occurred to me to turn on the shower and let it warm up before getting in. I would always dread the cold water for the first few seconds of my shower. Changed my life.



apparently there is a proper way to put on a new roll of toilet paper…



Fold socks. There’s a divide between roll the top with the feet out and make a little ball.



I stand to wipe my ass. I’ve always done it that way and never really thought about doing it any other way. That is, until my wife walked in while I was bent over mid wipe. There was a bit of an embarrassing conversation but now I know I’m probably in the minority with my ass wiping technique.



My wife introduced me to butt-wipes (the flushable wet wipes used after one or two passes with regular TP)

It’s not that I’ve been wiping my ass wrong for 26 years, it’s that I haven’t been doing it as good as I could have been.

To return the favor, I taught her “the bicycle” (lay on your back, knees to chest, and pump your feet one at a time like you’re riding a bike upside down) as a method to make you fart when you have gas.

We get along quite well.



I take off shirts like a weirdo. Instead of grabbing at the bottom and pulling it up so it’s inside out I grab around the neck/back and pull so it’s still outside out after I get it off. It’s more difficult with a wet shirt but I still manage.



How to eat a kiwi. I would always take a knife and skin the kiwi, slice it up and then eat the slices. Little did I know you can cut the kiwi in half and scoop the fruit out with a spoon in one swift, efficient motion.



I used to floss after I brushed. I liked how it sounded squeaky. My wife asked me where all the flossed-out crud went if I didn’t brush after. The fact that I’d been going to sleep for years with all the junk still in my mouth hit me like freight train.



My husband thought the bathroom fan was only for pooping. It blew his mind when I told him it helped reduce steam while showering.



Pancakes have a top and bottom, and can absolutely be served upside down.



Apparently, I grate carrots for a salad like a 9 year old girl and it looks like I’m going to grate all of my fingers off. It was “terrifying to watch.”