Mom Receives Text Asking If She ‘Knew Her Daughter Was Dating A Black Boy,” And Responds Flawlessly

When you hear something about your children, you immediately turn to Momma Bear mode. No matter what it may be, when you think someone is judging them or making them feel inferior and less than—you make sure that they know you will always be the one to stand up for them and make things right.

Recently, Mississipi mother Heather Boyer received a text message about her daughter and her boyfriend after her daughter had updated her Facebook photo to a picture of them both. The text message was disgusting and racist, coming from a family friend, asking Boyer if she was “aware” that her daughter was dating a black boy.


In response, Boyer wrote on Facebook, expressing her true feelings towards her daughter’s boyfriend.

Today my daughter changed her profile picture. After maybe 5 minutes I get a text ..” I didn’t know she was dating a black boy, did you?” It took me all day to think up a response, which I didn’t send personally but thought I would share for anyone else that “may not know” Yes in fact I did know, but the color of his skin doesn’t define who he is. What does define who is he is how he treats my daughter. I see my daughter dating a boy that comes to my house and shows me nothing but respect (a big deal in my book). It’s always Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am, we talk about football and baseball, he tells me bye when he leaves, and has not once shown me a lack of manners or respect.

I see my daughter dating a boy who treats her good. He takes her on dates, to ballgames, out to eat..not to a club or partying on the weekends.
I see my daughter dating a boy who takes her to church with him. Every Sunday. He plays in the band, she sits with his family. How many young men these days make church a priority? None of the others have.

He doesn’t hit her, cuss her, lie to her, or make her cry. Would I rather her date a white boy that did, to keep from her dating another race? Absolutely not. So that’s my response to the question I was asked. And I know people have their own opinion, but at the end of the day, the fact that my daughter has someone that loves her and treats her like a queen makes me happy. That’s something I’ve never had in my life and I’m glad she does.”

People online were incredibly touched to see a mother who cares not about race, but about whether or not her daughter is happy and being treated well. They were also surprised to see that people were still so concerned with interracial couples in 2019.

They decided to share their own stories of interracial love.

We love this story—and we love love!