People Are Cackling Over This Hilarious Post About A Father Feeding His Baby In Public

For years, women have had to deal with the harsh ridicule of publicly feeding their children when breastfeeding. Mothers cannot control how often their children will need to be fed, and when their child will be hungry. It’s as if people expect us to stay home with our children all damn day, just to avoid “breastfeeding them in public.” Thanks to the push from all 50 U.S. states to legalize breastfeeding in public, we don’t have to deal with any legal action.

However, the social stigma surrounding mothers doing what is natural and good for their children is far too much for us to have to deal with. Many of us (basically all of us) cover up while breastfeeding in a public setting—like a restaurant. But, even so, if we decide not to—we shouldn’t have to. For mothers, it’s stressful enough having to feed our screaming children—we don’t need your added judgment on top of it.

Many people support breastfeeding in public—and are vocal about it. Recently, one dad blogger decided to troll the haters with a hilarious post of his own.  Simon Harris shared the photo of him feeding his baby a bottle on his “Men Behaving Badly” Facebook page, saying:

I’m absolutely furious! James wanted his bottle today while we were in a coffee shop, and as soon as I started feeding him a lady came over and told me that my exposed biceps were putting her off her food and that I should put a sweatshirt on.

Because I was holding the bottle at a certain angle apparently it was making my right bicep look too pumped and she said she would complain to the manager. It’s not my fault – when you are bottle feeding your arms get engorged because of all the lifting and holding, as well as the scooping and sterilising.

I told her to leave me alone as I was just providing nourishment for my baby. However, just a few minutes after that, another lady came over, winked at me and told me that she ‘wanted a go’ as well before walking back to her husband who told me not to pay any attention to her as she always makes harmless comments like this and nobody complained in the old days.

Before I knew what was going on, a manager came over and asked if I would like to give him the rest of his bottle in the little room where they keep the dishwasher supplies as it would be ‘more comfortable’ for me. How the hell would squatting on a crate of Finish tablets be ‘more comfortable?’

Anyway I bet 97% of you won’t share this, mainly because it’s a load of bollocks and people are only monumental arseholes about boobs for some reason.


The post has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook and people online have left thousands of hilarious comments, trolling the haters along with this proud dad.

10/10 for hilarious commentary—the Internet wins again!

h/t: Facebook.