People Cannot Get Over This Inappropriate ‘Mother Of The Bride’ Dress

Everyone knows that when you go to a wedding, you never ever outshine the bride. It doesn’t matter if you’re the sister, brother, father, mother, grandmother, or flower girl—outshining a bride on her wedding day is a huge no-no. That’s why people on Twitter were up in arms when someone shared an Etsy listing that was marked as a “Mother of the Bride Dress.”

@_sashayed found the dress on and decided to share it online—partly because it was so extra and partly because she wanted to see what other people thought it.

While on first glance, it appears to be a Morticia Addams Halloween costume, Etsy seller Tonena has the gown labeled specifically as a “mother of the bride dress.” Additional descriptions include: “Open back evening gown with long sleeves, Sexy formal dress with feathers, sexy black dress.”

If you look at it closely, it’s definitely not mother of the bride material.


The Bulgarian-designed gown features sheer black sheer panels, a feather skirt,  and an open back—though Tonena writes that it can be closed up for those “aiming for a more conservative look.”

Is this how they do weddings in Bulgaria?

If so, sign me tf up!

Twitter immediately began referencing film and television characters who would be all over this look.

Or just trying to imagine the incredible mother who would wear a gown so very…beyond.

Tonena’s gown will set you back a whopping $2,390.00, but future MIL’s, don’t fret—there are other, slightly more affordable designs, including this “mother of the bride” (OR! “mob wife”! gown)


And—if black isn’t your color—this sexy white “couture mother of the bride” look to really put your daughter in her place.


Listen, if you don’t try to start some s—t at your daughter or daughter-in-law’s wedding, are you even any fun? (No.) Here’s to hoping we get more Bulgarian wedding invites in 2019.

h/t Twitter