People Online Are Furious Over A ‘Sexist’ Photo Of A Boy And Girl Dressed In ‘Training Scrubs’

When it comes to gender roles, people are constantly demanding equality and fair treatment. No matter the topic, we can always count on the Internet to call out inequality when they see online. Recently, the latest controversy was a photo of two children shared on Twitter. The Twitter account Medical Shots, which tweets out health-related images and videos, posted a picture recently of a little boy and girl in scrubs. The boy is dressed in green with the words “Doctor in Training” printed on his back, whereas the girl dons all pink, the back of her shirt reading “Nurse in Training.”

The Twitter account dubbed the photo as “cute,” insinuating that toddlers with big dreams and ambitions are adorable. And, while it totally is, many thought that the photo was offensive and sexist—opening the floor to an argument about institutionalized sexism and gender stereotypes.

One Twitter user even edited the photo so that the backs of both children read “health professional in training.”

A few male nurses spoke out about their thoughts on the photo, too.

Essentially, the takeaway from Twitter’s reaction is simple—kids in adult clothing/roles are adorable, but having them in confined sexist roles is not adorable.

h/t Twitter