People Online Are Outraged Over This Husband Who Says He And His Wife ‘Swap Sides Of The Bed’

Everyone knows that when you live with someone, you have your own designated side of the bed to sleep on. It’s your space. You molded your mattress and your pillows into a perfect position fit for your body. Every night, you crawl into bed knowing that it’s your side of the bed and no one else’s. Right?

Apparently, not everyone feels this way. This week, writer Steve O’Rourke tweeted about the fact that he and his wife, Amy, don’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night. In fact, he claims that sometimes they switch positions entirely.

He added some details (after seeing people were…angry) saying that it all starts out by one person choosing the side they wish to sleep on. Neither of them disagrees over it, and they move their pillows and books to the side of the bed they choose to sleep. They don’t do it every single night, however. He also added—for clarity—that they’re not aliens.

The general consensus on Twitter was: Uh, yeah dude, it is that unusual, and are you sure you aren’t aliens?


O’Rourke noted the outrage, but couldn’t understand why it was weird. “Nobody has explained why,” he responded to a comment.”

Things got even more complicated when O’Rourke revealed that not only does he not have a designated bed side, he and his wife also do not have set seats at the table/couch/etc.

The fact that O’Rourke was able to find a partner who was ok with this deviant behavior both shocked and tickled fans and haters.

Having to move pillows, books, and other bedside table items constantly seems exhausting to even think about.

People joked about the various punishments O’Rourke and his wife deserve for bucking the norm so viciously.

It’s truly an enigmatic way of life. People’s BRAINS ARE BROKEN, STEVE.

There were literally only two people who had ever heard of/considered such a bedroom maneuver.

O’Rourke, in the meantime, maintains that “people should try it before they knock it.”


No thanks, dude.

h/t Twitter