Professor Sends The Most Thoughtful Email To Single Mom Who Had To Miss Class Due To Lack Of Childcare

Being a single mom can be a lot of work. Not only are you living on one income, but you have only one person who is responsible for your child. Sometimes, finding childcare is not very easy and not everyone is lucky enough to have parents, family, and friends who are available all of the time to watch our little ones.

Additionally, when we have children, we want to better ourselves and set good examples for them—all while providing a stable and healthy home. Sometimes, this means going back to school—or even getting that second job. But, with a baby at home, it can be so hard to manage both parenthood and responsibilities.

21-year-old Morgan King was studying therapeutic care in college and also had a 3-month-old baby at home. At the time her daughter, Korbyn, was usually taken care of by her grandparents while she was in class. However, there was a week when she could not find childcare for a few days and, in response,  was forced to miss class. After explaining to her professor what happened and why she was absent, her professor responded in the most incredible way possible. Her college professor was not only understanding but also said that next time King should just bring Korbyn to class.

Many people on Twitter were incredibly touched by the professor’s response. If you’ve ever gone to university/college, you’d know that not all professors are understanding or kind. In fact, many of them are difficult to bargain with. Many were blown away by the idea that a professor would be so willing to work with a young, new mother in order for her to complete her education and graduate on time.

We truly think that this professor showcases how all college professors should be—kind, understanding, respectful, and willing to cooperate with students. Have you ever had a teacher or professor who was this kind to you? Let us know.