This Insane Job Listing Requires A Nanny To Dress In Disney Princess Gear Every Single Day

When it comes to hiring a caretaker for our children, we always want someone who will go above and beyond for them—as we would ourselves. Many requests from parents when hiring live-in nannies or nannies part-time are that they are responsible, caring, and ultimately ready to have tons of fun with their kids. But, some parents want a bit from their nannies. In fact, some parents want way more than that.

Recently a couple living in the U.K. used the website to publish a job listing for a part-time nanny. While many couples use this site to look for a childcare professional, this listing was a bit…different.

The parents posting stated that they wanted to hire a part-time nanny that would not only care for their twin girls but, also, one that would dress up as a different Disney princess every month.

The parents included that they believe this will be the “best way” to get through to their daughters. Instead of having—oh I don’t know—a strong, hardworking woman who is providing for herself and making a living, they think that a Disney Princess will be a batter “moral character” for their girls.

Now, not only does the nanny have to dress up as a Disney Princess while working, but they also have to pick the two girls up from their “after-school activities,” (in full-blown princess gear), but they also have to plan a bunch of Disney-related activities in their home.

They are also looking for a nanny who will “work around their busy schedule” and be a part of their daughter’s lives for a “long time.” The pay? Well, for dressing up and taking care of the children, they’re only offering 40 thousand Euro. But, on the bright side, they will pay for the costume rental.

Some parents are straight up insane.

h/t: Scary Mommy.