Toddler Attempts To Expose Her Father For Cheating On Her Mother But Makes A Hilarious Mistake

Kids are always looking to stir up the trouble at home. When it comes to toddlers, they always say things they’re not sure of—not knowing what consequences come with assuming things. One daughter learned this the hard way when she tried to “rat” on her father for cheating on her mother.

Her father shared on Twitter that his 4-year-old daughter tried to “jam him up.” Just how did she do this? By telling her mother there was a “bra” in daddy’s car.

However, her mother apparently had not been in her husband’s car for weeks—and, has no idea why a bra would be in there.

As it turns out, his daughter was a bit off in her “bra radar.”

After seeing it was clearly not a bra, the dad was relieved.

But, Twitter couldn’t stop laughing over the fact that his 4-year-old daughter tried ratting him out. What a savage.

Clearly, this little girl loves her momma.