Woman’s Twitter Thread Illustrates Why It’s Okay For Women To Be Rude To Men

Many times in society, men will criticize women for coming off “rude” or “standoffish” to them. While being rude to individuals is not kind, one Twitter user explained why it’s okay and sometimes even important for women to come off this way. Lily Evans began the thread saying: “Why some women are “rude” or “cold” or “standoffish” to men in public: a thread.”

She began to explain a particular situation that happened to her.

Many people online were in agreement with Lily, saying that she is absolutely right. And, many began to share their own story about men taking advantage of them when they’re alone in public.

Ladies, if someone ever comes up to you unannounced and you are uncomfortable—do whatever you think is best for you. If that means being rude, by all means, be rude.