Group Of Toddlers Found Wandering Near Highway After ‘Escaping’ Daycare

When dropping our children off at daycare, we always trust that the teachers and daycare employees are more than capable of watching them. We never expect to hear that our children may have “escaped” the daycare center and maybe, just maybe, are wandering by a highway somewhere—it’s the last thing on our mind.

Recently, a Louisiana daycare center has lost its license after four toddlers got out and were spotted walking near a local highway. A driver spotted the youngsters and immediately called the authorities. Color Wheel Learning Center in Prairieville had no explanation for how the group of 1-year-olds escaped from the yard and ended up outside of the school’s fence. The Louisiana Department of Education immediately revoked their license.

However, this is not the first incident that the school has had with children leaving the campus. According to Baton Rouge Advocate, the daycare center had a similar incident occurred last October when a 1-year-old had opened a gate and walked out into the parking lot.

State Superintendent John White told WBRZ:

“We are thankful these young children are safe, but we cannot ignore the recurring negligence displayed by this center.”

Sources state that the daycare center is very close to being permanently shut down if their license appeal is denied.

h/t: HuffPost.