14 Struggles Every Loud Woman Wholeheartedly Understands

If you’re a woman who’s frequently been called “loud,” you know what it’s like to deal with people who are annoyed as f**k with the volume of your voice. Most people say that you have a big mouth, you’re obnoxious, or straight up you’re annoying them. All my loud ladies know what it’s like to go through this on a regular basis.

1. You’re called a plethora of names, including but not limited to “big mouth.”

2. Everyone thinks you’re always yelling, but that’s just your normal volume.

3. People think you have absolutely no inside voice.

4. Librarians hate you.

5. Whispering is not in your wheelhouse.

6. You always wake people up when you’re talking in the other room.

7. Phone calls are never private.

8. You’re easily noticed in any room.

9. You come off as aggressive.

10. But, in reality, you’re just passionate.

11. People are always intimidated by you.

12. In school, teachers always hated you.

13. Shy people think you’re insane.

14. You’re sick of being told to “quiet down.”