This Boss’s Response To Employee’s Mental Health Request Is Going Viral For The Right Reasons

Sometimes in life, we get so wrapped up in our responsibilities, that we forget to stop and take care of ourselves. Work can be incredibly stressful and chaotic and it can be draining on our mental health and psyche. That’s why many people take sick days off to support and cleanse their minds, and to get their mental health back on track. However, not all bosses and companies are okay with an employee using sick days for their mental health.

Twitter user Madalyn shared an email she sent to her coworkers and her company stating that she would be taking two days off to focus on her mental health. Her company’s CEO decided to respond.

While some CEOs may say that using sick days for mental health are against company policy, this CEO had something different to say. The CEO said that Madalyn’s email reminded him of the importance of putting mental health first and just why their company allocates sick days for both physical and mental health.


People on Twitter began sharing the email all over, saying they were so impressed by his response.