Passenger Flies From France To L.A. Completely Pants-less And Woman Live-Tweets The Whole Thing

Long flights can be a real pain in the a**. No one wants to be stuck on an airplane with complete strangers for hours on end, in an uncomfortable seat, and nothing to eat but airplane food. It’s safe to say that no matter where we are flying—being on a plane for more than a few hours is seriously painful.

Imagine having to fly overseas, for over 10+ hours, with a passenger who decides that no pants is the best way to fly—and, no socks and shoes, too.

Lizzie Thompson tweeted her horrifying experience flying from France to Los Angeles and…OMG, it’s bad.

Not only did the passenger remove his pants, but he also removed his socks and was sitting on the plane completely barefoot.

Then, this guy decided that making music with strangers was a great idea for a 10+ hour flight.

After Thompson began tweeting, people had a lot of questions, so she made sure to fill everyone in.

People had a lot of…thoughts.

But, have no fear everyone—AirFrance informed Thompson that they “forwarded her information to the right people.”

Thank God this wasn’t me.

h/t: Petty Mayonnaise.