20 Things Only Women Go Through On A Regular Basis

There are some things that happen in our everyday lives that only women know to be true. Men just don’t get it.

1. Ponytail pain.

2. Cracking your favorite makeup.

3. Staining all your damn towels.

4. Doing sheet masks.

5. Trying to look cute with a ponytail but…

6. Trying to look cute with a little bun.

7. That annoying ponytail look after you take it out.

8. Those marks hair ties leave on your skin.

9. The wandering boob.

10. Outstretched bobby pins.

11. Uneven eyebrows.

12. Not being able to press sh*t with long nails.

13. All that hair gone, RIP.

14. Bad memory.

15. Hot flashes.

16. That dreaded period sneeze.

17. Cutting yourself when shaving and it never heals.

18. When you hear it snap.

19. Clean hair problems.

20. Having to get completely nude in public restrooms.