Woman Shares Moving Story Of Helping An 18-Year-Old Stranger Having A Seizure On The Train

Many people who take public transportation frequently know that we’re always in our own worlds. We don’t usually pay much attention to other people who are commuting alongside us. But, many times, when we do stop and look around—there are people who need our help.

Recently, writer Erynn Brook shared an experience she had while riding on the train home. She was approached by an 18-year-old girl and the story is so touching—we’ll let Brook tell you herself.

Brook explains she had a lot on her mind and was on the subway when a young girl stands up across from her.

She asked Brook if she was getting off the train soon—and, then handed Brook a sheet of laminated paper.

The paper said on top: my seizure plan.” Brook asked if she was having a seizure at that moment, but she said she was about to—due to an indication from a monitor she had on.

The girl told Brook that her stop was 3 stops away. Brook offered to ride with her—but the girl did not want to be a burden.

The girl started having a seizure right there on the train. She had already had her scarf ready to catch her head. Brook read her seizure plan and learned that she is only 18.

Brook told the girl she would stay with her until the end of the line if need be.

She reads the seizure plan that is detailed enough to plan out every moment of her seizure.

Brook was trying her best to find the right thing to do—reading the seizure plan to make sure she followed the steps.

Brook was blown away that she gets seizures 1-4 times a day, which can last anywhere from 10-60 minutes each.

Brook decided to get off the train with the girl, who said she just wanted to go home.

Brook decided right then and there she would not leave this 18-year-old alone.

Brook decided to try and get this girl back home safely.

She also learned that this girl has multiple seizures a day—one happening at the gym just the day before.

After the two part ways, Brook said she couldn’t stop thinking about the scarf, and how the girl had worn it to prepare to fall and catch her head.

Brook wanted to share the story to showcase how brave this 18-year-old is, who was ready and willing to go through the seizures again and again—alone.

Brook shared some insight about society and the way in which we’ve set up this girl to go through things alone.

Many people online thought that both Brook and the 18-year-old girl were powerful, brave, and an inspiration to everyone. Many people with epilepsy and other disorders that cause seizures told Brook how amazing it was to know that there are people in the world that will help and not just call 911 right away.

h/t: BoredPanda.