6+ Smart Parenting Hacks Straight From The Internet

16 Apr 2019

Every parent out there is looking for ways to make their lives easier. That's where the internet comes in.

These clever hacks and tips will make parenting life go a little smoother (we can't make any guarantees about those inevitable poop explosions, though).

Take a look at these hacks parents shared online and let us know if you've tried any of them!

Invest in these suitcases if you're traveling.

Make traveling with kids a little easier with clever devices from Bagrider. They're way better than trying to balance a stroller and your luggage.

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Use common materials for fun DIYs.

Potatoes and toilet paper rolls make for awesome DIY stamps. Best of all, they're cheap and are a great way to re-use and recycle these items.

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Make yogurt less messy.

Kids looooooove yogurt (at least my son does) but it can make a real mess. Try popping a straw through the lid and have your kid slurp up the goodness instead.

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Check out this easy Lego hack.

Stick some Lego tape to the top of a plastic container and fill it with Lego pieces. Now you have a great activity for restaurants and the car when you're on the go with your kiddos.

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DIY a sandbox.

Facebook | Crafty Mama

A cheap tent makes for an awesome DIY sandbox. Just zip it up to keep water and critters out, and your kids will have fun all summer long.

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Trick your kids into giving you a back massage.

Twitter | @kenkawakenkenke

This clever shirt has train tracks printed on the back. Just lie down, ask your child to roll their trains and cars, and you have a parent-approved massage!

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Shower caps to the rescue.

Shower caps make the perfect covers for your stroller wheels and will prevent any dirt from trailing in when you bring it indoors. Smart!

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Wash plastic toys in the washing machine.

Lego pieces and plastic balls can easily be washed in your washing machine. Ahhh, I love it when cleaning is easy.

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Make this port-a-potty for your kids.

Facebook | Utah Mom Show

Instead of desperately trying to find a washroom when you're on the road, keep a small training toilet in your car and line the bowl with diapers. Now your kids can do their business just about anywhere and with minimal clean up!

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