24 Brilliant Home Hacks That Are Actually The Easiest

Kasia M
3 May 2019

Adulting can be so hard, right? I mean there's work, sleep, eating, family time, running errands and all that. Who's got time to keep that house nice and tidy?

So, would you believe there are actually things you can do today that will make your home that much more inviting to do all that entertaining and chilling you crave? Take a look at these helpful hacks.

1. Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

Common Canopy

Just attach that car air freshener to your indoor fan to keep your house smelling fresh all summer long. How awesome is this hack?

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2. Keep Those Bathroom Smells Away

Loving Oily Life

Speaking of keeping your space smelling nice, you can also banish those nasty bathroom smells by dabbing some essential oil onto your toilet paper.

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3. Use A Big Beverage Dispenser As Your Laundry Detergent Dispenser

Your Little Birdie

If you bought this on sale but never got to use it, this is the perfect use for it.

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4. Install A Tension Rod Under Your Sink

Martha Stewart

How about this idea for keeping all your cleaning necessities tidy under your sink? You must thank Martha Stewart for this great idea.

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5. Pet Hair Picker Upper

Pet Doors

If you have pets you'll definitely appreciate this quick tip. You can use a squeegee to gather up all the pet hair much faster.

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6. Organize Your Pantry

Domestic Imperfection

This cool trick will ensure that you have loads of room to store all those condiments and spices. Just use desk storage containers like this. So neat.

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7. Protect Your Car Door


Is your garage space running tight? Well with this clever trick of using a pool noodle you'll never run the risk of dinging those doors.

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8. Switch Up Your Ceiling Fan With The Seasons

Mom 4 Real

I just found out about this trick. Apparently, you can flip a switch for a different blade directions in the winter and summer.

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9. Magnetize It

Dream A Little Bigger

For all those times you were looking for nails during that last home renovation project, this trick is for you. Attach a magnet to that hammer. Awesome!

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10. Use The Right Hook

Timmons Family Lemonade

It really pays off to get to know all those hooks because this upside-down command hook is the perfect way to hang a wreath. How cool.

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11. Fill A Glass Jar With Ease

Curb Alert Blog

Anytime you want to display a decorative glass jar but don't have as much filler, just put a bottle inside and voilà.

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12. Hidden Router

DIY Real

Our houses are riddled with all kinds of useful electronics but they don't always look so neat. So this DIY router hiding trick is genius.

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13. Rubber Band To The Rescue

Life Hacker

It's really annoying to try to get that stubborn screw out, but apparently, when you use a rubber band it's supposed to help.

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14. Organize Your Clothes

Home Hacks

I have to admit I'm always running out of hangers to hang up my pants. I never thought of using shower curtain hooks instead. Oh, wow!

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15. Use Soda Can Pop Taps

The Shabby Creek Cottage

OMG, why haven't I thought of this? I could have saved so much space hanging a second hanger this way. How cool is this?

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16. Keep Those Clothes From Sliding Off

The Shabby Creek Cottage

Falling clothes can make such a mess in your closet. So, put a squiggle of glue on top of your hangers.

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17. Use A Champagne Bottle To Store Jewelry


Save yourself some money not buying those fancy jewelry holders when you can use an empty bottle of Prosecco instead.

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18. Use A Hook For Those Garbage Bags

Reddit | MildandFire

I absolutely loathe when those heavy garbage bags keep falling off. So this upside-down adhesive hook trick sounds awesome. Gotta try this.

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19. Stuck-On Food Trick

Apartment Therapy

Just let a dryer sheet soak in warm water in your pan overnight for an easy breezy cleanup job the next day. Woo-hoo! Loving it!

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20. Use Tape To Measure

I Heart Nap Time

If you can't find that measuring tape anywhere no worries. Any plain tape will do the trick. This is so easy and smart.

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21. Keep That Soap Coming

Ask Anna

Make sure you never run of dish soap again if you just add a long tube from your dispenser to a giant bottle of soap.

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22. Use A Newspaper To Clean Windows


I haven't used this trick yet so I would like to know if this really works well. Have you done this?

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23. Hide Stuff Behind A Hinged Picture Frame

The Third Boob

This trick can literally have so many uses. You can hide that thermostat or any ugly device behind it. This is clever.

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24. Hide Your Keys

Factory Direct Craft

Such a neat idea to hide those spare keys. Glue a pine cone to a medicine bottle to bury it outside where you can find it.

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