11+ Mom Hacks For The Win

Kasia M
21 May 2019

Moms need to do everything and be everything to their kids and family. So it's no surprise to me that sometimes they need to make their lives a little bit easier by inventing genius hacks just to get through their day.

Check out these clever ideas moms came up to do just that.

1. When You Need To Squeeze In A Workout

It's hard to find time to get a workout in when you have a busy toddler who's running around your house. Problem solved!

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2. When Your Child Won't Stop Crying On An Airplane

Soak paper towels in hot water and put them in styrofoam cups then gently place cups over your kid's ears.

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3. When Mom Needs A Shower

This mom attached An iPhone to a tripod and watched her kid through her Apple watch so she could take a shower in peace.

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4. When You Need A Refreshment

Ha ha ha, I never would have thought of this hack. But how handy is this on the beach? An instant adult juice box.

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5. When You Need To Save Time

This mom came up with the idea of using door organizers to keep her kids' clothes handy so she can easily find outfits. Clever!

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6. When Your Kid's A Finicky Eater

Kids can be such finicky eaters but they always love fries and ketchup. So this "toast fries" and "jam ketchup" idea is awesome.

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7. When Your Kid Rejects Their Binky

This mom had a hard time with her baby rejecting their binky so she soaked it in breast milk. Wow, so amazing!

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8. When You Need To Move Furniture

Moms come up with the most useful ideas. This mom needed to move a heavy table so she used her kid's roller skates.

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9. When Your Kid Loves Popsicles

Kids absolutely adore popsicles especially in the summer but they make such a mess. Well, just use a cupcake liner and voilà. Genius!

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10. When Mom Needs A Break

This mom got the best birthday present ever: a bath rack that can hold her wine so she can have it in peace.

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11. When You're Trying To Avoid A Mess

Kids make a mess when they're eating so this mom got a brilliant idea to use a popsicle stick as a holder for her daughter's burrito.

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12. When Your Kid Can't Wait To Eat

Sometimes when your kid is having a temper tantrum you need to give them something to calm them down in a jiffy. Just cool down those fries by sticking them in your car's vent.

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13. When You Need To Be Inventive


Sometimes you end up with far too many snacks in your house and not enough clips so you make one yourself. Amazing!

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I hope you will find these awesome mom hacks really useful.

Giphy | Seinabo Sey

And I sincerely hope they will come in handy because moms need all the help they can get.

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