13+ Hacks That Make Life As A Pregnant Woman So Much Easier

Kasia M
31 May 2019

Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time in a woman's life. But it can also come with a sleuth of challenges both physically and emotionally. So if there are any tricks for pregnant women to get through this time, we are all ears.

Check out these awesome hacks to make your pregnancy much easier on yourself and everyone around you.

1. Heartburn Hack

Instagram | @thepregnancyworld

Heartburn can be a common occurrence during pregnancy and can be hard to deal with. But apparently, having a little bit of apple cider vinegar helps.

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2. Eat Dates To Shorten Labour

Unsplash | Mona Mok

Until now, this was just an old wive's tale but apparently more studies have been conducted on this and it's supposed to help.

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3. Take Calcium And Magnesium

Paris Natural Foods

While calcium is obviously good for bone health both for you and the baby, magnesium can relieve leg cramps, help you sleep, and prevent preeclampsia. Just be sure to check with your doctor first!

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4. Get A Pregnancy Pillow

Instagram | @becomeamomboutique

It can be a stressful challenge to get comfortable while sleeping with a growing belly, so this pillow can be a total lifesaver.

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5. Eat Ginger To Relieve Nausea

Unsplash | Dominik Martin

If you can stomach the taste of ginger, you may be in luck. Or opt for ginger tea or ginger Gravol. It is known to prevent nausea.

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6. Stay Well Hydrated

Instagram | @amy_meadus

Water is essential for our bodies to function properly, and it's even more important while growing a human in your belly. So make sure you hydrate often.

To keep track of your water, put hair elastics at the bottom of your bottle and move them up to mark each refill.

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7. Prevent Charlie Horses

Unsplash | Gabrielle Henderson

In addition to taking magnesium to prevent and reduce the occurance of leg cramps, you can also eat bananas as potassium helps this as well.

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8. Use A Hairband To Keep Expanding Pants Up


That way you don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe. So clever!

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9. Keep A Bra In The Freezer

Instagram | @kimisdoingfine

If you happen to be pregnant during a heat wave and your boobs get extremely hot, this trick is pretty genius.

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10. Buy Large Sports Bras Instead Of Pregnancy Bras

Thyme Maternity

To save yourself some money, instead of buying that expensive pregnancy bra just buy a larger sports bra with no underwire. They work just as well.

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11. Use Kinesio Bands


Did you know that this popular athlete's tool can also be used during pregnancy to promote better blood circulation and relieve pain? How awesome!

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12. Use Bra Extenders


If you want to use your existing bras, just buy a few bra extenders from a sewing and notions store. That way, you'll get more use out of your current bras.

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13. DIY A Belly Band

A Beautiful Mess

Simply snip off the bottom of a stretchy shirt from the thrift store for a DIY belly band. This will extend your existing shirts so you don't have to buy a ton of maternity shirts!

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I hope you will find these tips helpful to make your life a little easier during your pregnancy.


And as they say, happy wife happy life, so good luck!

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