10+ Hacks For Parents That Are Sure To Save The Day

Lex Gabrielle
2 Jul 2019

Some parents seem to have life all figured out, don't they? Thankfully for us, these parents are sharing their tips and tricks in the form of these handy hacks. Let's check them out!

1. How to get an impromptu "massage".

Instagram l @escapeejays

This dad who found a way to get his kids to give him a back rub by turning his T-shirt into a road for them to play with their trains and cars.

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2. Airlines have bassinets?!

Instagram l @spillthebeansaus

This mom who called ahead and asked the airline to save a bassinet for her. If you don't have time, bring one and use your tray table to hold it up for you.

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3. This smart way to make clean-ups a breeze!

Instagram l @dontbeadickdan

These parents who came up with a smart way to catch all of that thrown and dropped food off the tray and chair—especially when you don't have a dog to eat it all up!

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4. The best way to cut watermelon.

Instagram l @soulfire_creations

Cutting the watermelon long like this allows kids to eat it almost like a popsicle and saves from a big messy face and table.

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5. Bring crayons to the doctors to make waiting easier.

Instagram l @maryruthhackett

Instead of a bored, crying kid, bring crayons or markers to the doctor's office and let your kids color on the paper while waiting for the doc to come in.

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6. Gel clings are perfect for long flights.

Instagram l @teachermama1138

If you're taking a toddler on a plane, give them the window seat and bring gel clings that they can play with on the window to keep them busy during the flight.

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7. Never lose a sippy cup again!

Instagram l @somemotherstuff

When shopping with your toddlers, strap their water cup to their chest to make sure they don't start throwing it across the store while you're grabbing some stuff.

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8. Dip a lollypop in your kid's medicine.

Instagram l @billygoatbabygear

If you have a kid who is bad at taking medicine, soak a lollipop in the medicine up and let them suck on it. Repeat until the entire cup of medicine is gone.

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9. Stop those popsicle drips.

Instagram l @bargainmaxuk

Instead of having a kid drip popsicle juice all over their hands and themselves, use a cupcake holder around the bottom to catch all of the dripping juice.

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10. DIY an icepack.

Instagram l @1crazyhousetips

To keep your kid's lunch extra cold and delicious, freeze a sponge overnight and stick it in their lunchbox. It will keep the food ice-cold.

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11. Old wine corks can actually be a fun sensory toy.

Instagram l @brandi.r.campbell

For sensory fun, use some old wine corks and a cup and let your kids throw, play, and build with them. Cheap, easy, and tons of fun!

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12. Use your kid's scooter for heavy-lifting.

Instagram l @2littlefaces

Use your kid's scooter to wheel in heavy grocery bags that you cannot carry by yourself, and make multiple trips without tiring yourself out.

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13. Use playpens to keep kids out.

Twitter l @shop_psychobaby

If you're busy with work and your baby is pulling on wires, use a baby gate to keep yourself in and your baby out. That way they have more space to crawl and play.

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14. Upcycle old wipes containers.

Instagram l @practicalparentingideas

For long road trips in the car, take an old wipes container and fill it with snacks. It fits easily in between seats or in the center console of your car!

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