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    Boyfriend Dumps Girlfriend After She Was Rude To Waitress On Valentine’s Day

    Reddit user lustfulspiritanimal shared a story on the subreddit “Tales From Your Server” about one couple’s Valentine’s Day date that went horribly, horribly wrong. Last night I was taking care of a party of 16 and a few other tables of just couples. The party of 16 was needy, but they were aware of it and remained friendly…except […] More

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    16 Tweets That You’ll Worship If You Love Swearing

    1. “Girls aren’t supposed to curse” First of all, fuck you — First of all (@ayfirstofall) October 17, 2017 2. Other people: gosh darn itMe: God fucking fuck ass shit damn cockwaffles — Christina Novelli (@MissCNovelli) February 24, 2017 3. Why i curse so much — bryan gibbs (@GibbousMoony) July 16, 2013 4. Sometimes […] More

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    Fed Up Teacher Bravely Calls Out Parents Who ‘Coddle’ Their Kids

    This is sixth-grade Texas teacher Julie Marburger who, after two years of educating, has had enough. Julie Marburger/Facebook Marburger recently took to Facebook to air her frustrations with the school system, her students, and their parents in a viral post that has since been deleted. Marburger also shared these photos of her destroyed classroom after a […] More

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    Welp, Ultrasounds Are The Latest Nail Trend

    Few things are taken to as great extremes as nail art and gender reveals/pregnancy announcements—though only recently did women start combining the two. That’s right. I’m talking ultrasound nails. Though it sounds a bit over over-the-top, the effect—achieved by transferring laser-printed decals onto a nail that has been painted white—actually looks pretty sweet, and is […] More

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    Woman Discovers She Had An IUD Floating Around Inside Of Her For 11 Years

    When it comes to birth control, many different women decide to partake in different routes in order to ensure they do not get pregnant. Some women prefer the pill, while others choose to do removable IUDs and other implants. However, it’s important to keep up with regular check-ups and doctor visits with your OBGYN to ensure […] More

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    ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Finally Has A Return Date

    After the last season of The Handmaid’s Tale, we were left with so many unanswered questions about June and the state of Gilead. While we don’t have answers to any of these pressing questions, we did get a pretty solid teaser during the Super Bowl this month. The teaser showcased some major changes that would be taking […] More

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