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    This iPhone Hack Will Make Texting So Much Easier If You Constantly Spell Things Wrong

    If you’re like me, you’re always on the run and doing three things at once—so texting becomes somewhat of a confusing chore. You’re constantly spelling things wrong and people are always texting you back saying—”…what did you say?” You spent more time correcting yourself than fixing your spelling because it’s hella annoying to have to […] More

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    20 Makeup Cheat Sheets That Every Woman Needs In Her Life

    Makeup comes easy to some people, but not to everyone. For me, I’m always messing up my eye makeup, and clumping up my lipstick. Additionally, I’m not so sure how to pick the right makeup for my skin tone or my face. I’m unsure how to contour and I have no clue what half the brushes are […] More